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Address:No.5, Road3,Headquarter.Songshanhu Lake Hi-Tech developmetn   zone.Dongguan City.GuangDong Province .China.

About Us

Company Culture

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1) Enterprise Location

Matsuteru engaged in the production and sale of high-quality flexible packaging products.

Matsuteru success depends mainly on the development and improve the quality and service to get the position in the market.


2) Mission

Customer service and innovative efforts

Do the world's finest , most innovative packaging

Allow customers to use the value of the packaged goods


3) Core Values

Customer service --- we strive to improve service levels for customer satisfaction.

Our pursuit of innovation --- Improved customer and the company are critical to innovation , while quickly and efficiently to promote its implementation.

--- We uphold honesty trust, honesty and sense of responsibility , both internally and externally .

Multiple win --- we advocate mutual understanding , value diversity, global vision look at our culture .


4) Vision

Matsuteru based on a deep understanding of the industry , as well as excellent management and learn , is accelerating the pace of innovation technology services , to create high-quality products , allowing customers to use good packaging . Matsuteru committed to being an industry benchmark for enterprise , a respected business, a evergreen enterprises to create more value for customers , employees and society.


5) Corporate Social Responsibility

As a corporate citizen, Matsuteru company actively concerned about the development needs of communities from around the world to support the development of public welfare , and actively create conditions to encourage more employees dedication to community intelligence and love.